Conducted strategic planning with executives to determine technology needs to support the musical instrument company.  Evaluated all existing infrastructure and software to identify strengths and weaknesses.  Created an overall IT architecture and a prioritized list of projects to achieve their long-term goals.

Business Continuity Plan

Conducted a complete business continuity assessment addressing information technology, personnel and buildings.  Weighted risks based on severity of impact, probability of event, cost of prevention and cost of recovery.  Created a prioritized set of recommendations for improving operational reliability.  Worked through all high and medium risk items with the company.

eCommerce software and hosting

Conducted strategic planning with the executive team to develop the key criteria for selection of eCommerce software to support their robust online business.  Developed RFP and conducted bidding process.  Engineered high-availability dedicated server architecture.  Identified potential hosting partners with physically diverse server rooms and backbone network.  Negotiated contracts with eCommerce software vendor and hosting company.

VoIP Network

Worked with management to identify key features required to support their robust call center for orders and customer service.  Engineered a VoIP solution and related trunking requirements to support the high inbound call volume.  Created RFPs, conducted bidding process and negotiated contracts for VoIP solution and for the inbound trunking.

PCI Compliance

Conducted complete audit of credit card information handling to establish compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.  Tracked flow of information through all computer software and data entry processes.  Worked with software vendors to remedy issues identified.  Established process for continued internal audit process.