We help clients navigate the complex technological and political landscape of broadband deployments. Our team identifies and addresses regulatory issues, develops industry relationships, and finds funding opportunities for your broadband agenda. As your strategic partner, we bring together all of the required elements, from data analytics and GIS visualizations to network engineering and operational planning. Reid Consulting also develops and manages the community coalitions and stakeholder relationships required to make these projects successful.

GIS Mapping

GIS technology is a valuable tool for data compilation, analysis, and visualization. Our GIS experts build maps that integrate multiple data sets from a single client or that combine the needs of various stakeholders to inform project strategies. Industries like utilities, network providers, and professional services can benefit from our ability to create detailed, accurate maps of existing and potential new service areas based on multiple criteria.


Healthcare providers face unique challenges in our increasingly technology-based society. We can help you prioritize areas of growth, create mobile and telehealth solutions, and identify options for secure health information exchange. Once a project has been identified, our experts work with you to secure funding, manage partner relationships, and provide implementation support.

Reid Consulting can evaluate process controls, conduct system audits, asses the costs and functionality of your HIE networks, and formulate a cost-effective secure blockchain implementation plan.

Data Integrity

Secure internal and external exchange of information is crucial to both the private and the public sector. Reid Consulting works with a variety industries that handle sensitive data, including eCommerce, manufacturing, and healthcare. We understand that each sector has unique needs. Our team can track the flow of information through your existing software and data entry processes to identify compliance issues and establish an internal audit process. If you are a healthcare provider, we can help you formulate a Blockchain implementation plan for secure exchange of client and patient information.

Organizational Strategy

Efficient and appropriate workflow and business processes are the key to sustainable success. Our team can evaluate management, marketing, sales, and service pipelines to help increase your organizational capacity. We conduct risk assessments and offer internal process control recommendations.

If you need to execute a project that is outside your institution’s core expertise, we can help with vendor identification and contract negotiation. For any project our team will create prioritized recommendations with flexible project plans, budgets, and execution strategies.

Information Technology

We conduct IT strategic planning to align your technology needs with your business model. Our team will assess and evaluate existing infrastructure to identify strengths and weaknesses; define requirements for network efficiency, growth and expansion; and create an architecture and prioritized project list with vendor requirements to achieve your IT goals.