OARnet Third Frontier Network

Co-chaired the implementation committee for this leading-edge statewide fiber network as it moved from leased services to a dark fiber-based backbone.  Conducted financial analysis to support cost-sharing and rate-setting decisions for higher education members and other constituents including K-12 and government.

Participated in technical design and analysis for the Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network.

OARnet Third Frontier Network

Conducted study for Governor’s Office of the State of Ohio and the Ohio Board of Regents of ways to extend broadband access to rural communities.  Analyzed business conditions for broadband providers to determine economic incentives required.  Survey process also designed to raise awareness of the importance of broadband services for businesses and community anchor institutions.

Southern Perry County Broadband

Evaluated and formulated a plan to address an urgent need for broadband in Perry County for two facilities:  a community technology center and a business incubator.  A key partnership with libraries brought the much-needed broadband services, increasing the county’s ability to fulfill its mission of education, broadband adoption and economic development.