Southern Ohio Health Care Network

Formed the Southern Ohio Health Care Network under the sponsorship of three regional health care providers.  Won $16 million in funding under the FCC Rural Health Care Pilot Program.

Through competitive bidding, selected a carrier partner to build a $30 million, 600-mile fiber-optic broadband network connecting more than 120 health care facilities in 13 southern Ohio counties.  Managed fiber acceptance and Federal compliance.  Transitioned existing membership to the FCC Healthcare Connect Fund and expanded reach to 25 additional counties, now providing services to 200+ health care facilities.

Distance Learning and Telemedicine Initiative

Developed the Southern Ohio Telemedicine Network in conjunction with Adena Health System, Pike Community Hospital (a Critical Access Hospital) and several Federally Qualified Health Centers.  Won more than $500,000 in back-to-back grants from the USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine program.  Conducted engineering and procurement.  Supported the rollout and utilization of the network.

Physician Demand Analysis

Conducted GIS analysis of visit data from the client, the State of Ohio and other sources to identify areas for growth of practice for the Adena Health System.

Mobile Health

Performed analysis of mobile health solutions and related financial analysis.