Gates Mills Fiber-to-the-Premise RFP Questions and Answers

Below are questions submitted by potential respondents to the Gates Mills fiber-to-the-premise RFP and their answers.

Question 1 – Road miles vs fiber miles; total location count

Can you clarify following points associated with statement on page 1 where it indicates 1272 BSLs requiring 53.1 fiber miles to pass:

  • Are the 53.1 miles centerline miles or actual route miles including when construction is needed on both sid4e of road? If both sides of road is it based on an “E” or “H” design for accessing houses/businesses on both side of road?
  • Second sentence goes on to state that 1010 BSLs and 48.1 miles of fiber are within the village. Is that additive to the 1272 households, 53.1 miles or inclusive in the 1272 and 53.1 miles?

The 53.1 miles quoted in the RFP are centerline road miles.

The 1010 BSLs and 48.1 centerline road miles are included in the overall 1272 / 53.1 total. It should be noted that the total number of fabric locations has gone up since the RFP was drafted. There now are 1027 BSLs in the village. As noted in the RFP, only village locations are required; however, a handful of those locations can only be easily reached by following non-village roads. The exact way you reach those locations is your call. We drew the footprints for the ‘extension’ areas as small as practical, but a provider could pick up quite a few more passings with not much additional fiber in the Rogers Rd and Mayfield Village areas. Respondents do not need to adhere to the boundaries of these 3 “extension” areas. The only requirement is to pass all village locations.  Respondents are welcome to expand their coverage in these non-village areas; however, if the village participates financially, the village will not subsidize passing non-village locations.

Question 2 – Shapefiles

Is there an accompanying shapefile, KMZ or zoomable pdf associated with Figure 1?

Shapefiles of the village boundaries, the 3 ‘extension’ areas, and the private road/shared driveway line segments are available on request. To request copies, send an email to the point of contact listed in the RFP.

Question 3 – Village Financial Contribution

How much funding is available to subsidize capital expenses to deploy fiber?

The Village has significant resources available, should subsidy be needed; however, we prefer not to provide a dollar amount up front. Respondents should keep in mind that 20% of the scoring points are based on the level of financial commitment (if any) required of the Village.

Question 4 – Fabric Version for Location List

What version of the fabric was used to identify the list of project locations?

Version 2, dated 12/31/2022. The village realizes that more recent versions of the fabric may have slightly different location counts. Final project locations will take the more recent fabric data into account.